Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mystic Paper Anniversary & Vendor Faire

What a great time that I had meeting some very nice ladies. I enjoyed meeting the other vendors around me.

Jack & Cat Curio was the place where I scored big on a bunch of really cool stuff for my calendars. Mike and Leslie sure do have the best stuff! www.jackandcatcurio.blogspot.com

I had the opportunity to meet Jenny Herandez, The Polka Dot Pixie and to bring home one of her awesome pieces of art that is enjoying her ( I haven't named her yet) new home in my cozy crowded studio. www.thepolkadotpixie.blogspot.com

Mindy Cullum with Buttermilk Pie Designs caused me to gain about 13 oz. But it was worth it! Mindy is very nice and really talented. If Aunt Bee's had a daughter Mindy would be her! She bakes buttermilk pies, banana chocolate chip bread, makes preserves and sew's the cutest aprons ever! www.mindymoo.blogspot.com

My buddy Arlene was there and I am proud to show off another one of her aprons that I own. She is very talented too. www.lifeations.blogspot.com

Thank you for stopping by and checking my calendars out!
Have a terrific week


Suz@Shabbi Skraps said...

Shirley it was so fun to see you and see your cool calendars! I am always amazed by you! Suzette~

Shirley Varkoly-Seay said...

Hi Suzette-
I am so happy that you will be at the party on 10/10.

Shirley Varkoly-Seay said...


What is your blog address? I would love to link to yours