Saturday, March 2, 2013

Junque Jarz by Artsy Fartsy Fairy

It is time to present to you my latest obsession and creation..."Junque Jarz".  My idea was inspired my 9 year old daughter Katie bug's addiction to Vlasic dill pickles (in the one gallon jar).  Let me explain.
Over the years I have accumalated lots of "little treasures for my calendars.  I am a visual person and I am always more inspired to create something if I can see my "stuff"such as; buttons, vintage tin molds, cupcake toppers, cracker jack and vintage gumball machine prizes, metal found objects, sewing notions, game pieces and bottle caps.  I think you get the idea! 
 I emptied my storage bins and drawers and loaded my shelves with giant pickle jars loaded with stuff.  After the task was completed I thought about a creative and fun way of using all of the empty jars of various shapes and sizes that I would see at Estate Sales.  A few years ago I took a soldering glass so I combined the both together!
I sold some at the last art walk that I attended.  Check them out!  The prices range from $17.00 and up.

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