Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"What I did on my Summer Vacation" by Shirley Seay

We took our very first family vacation ever!! With Allie nearly 10 years old and Katie bug coming up on nine, Justin and I decided it was time to go far away on a Southwest Airlines airplane ride all the way to St. Petersburg, Florida to visit our fun Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dana!  We had such a wonderful time in their condo on the beach!
Here are a few highlights from our trip....Allie  loved the plane ride! We were a little concerned about Katie though.  She loves everyone so much, I feared that she would over step her boundaries with wanting to hug all the other passengers! However, she only hugged a couple of them! When the plane ride was over we took Allie's suggestion and headed for the beach.  The girls had never been to the beach and never felt the wet sand on their feet so needless to say it was so heart warming to see Allie and Katie walk into the ocean only to be tenderly touched by the waves.  Katie landed on her bottom and laid on her back to made sand angels.  All of this was done without her swim suit on.
The girls enjoyed both the beach and the pool.  Allie learned how to boogie board with Uncle Dana and Daddy.  Katie learned how to get out of the condo to sneak to the pool!  "very scary".  Allie enjoyed feeding the baby alligators at John's Pass. "very fun" they looked like little squeaky dog toys!
After 13 wonderful days in Florida it was time to get home to Charlie!
Hugs for now!


Madeline Hill,Astrologer,Tarot Counselor,Intuitive said...

What a great vacation!! your girls are getting big!I was a student in your calendar class.. I am trying to start a wiz. of oz calendar here at home-- my hsuabnd wnats to know what YOUR husband uses to cut the game boards into the months of the year pieces cleanly?? Can you help! Thanks for your reply!!!!!!!

Madeline Hill,Astrologer,Tarot Counselor,Intuitive said...

Shirley, is Mystic Paper gonna open back up soon??Ohhh I miss that store!!!!!!!!