Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day celebration!

The "group" picture

Mom's BIG helper, Allie

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
I was so excited to visit Allie's 3rd grade class to make a fun wind chime from all recyclable items. It is so hard to believe that five short years ago I was in my kitchen throwing a way something in the waste basket when my than 3 year old daughter Allie says; "Mommy why aren't you "ricycling" that?" She must of learned that from the PBS channel during a commercial break from watching that cute little Elmo!

So needless to say I am a much more aware of being a good recycler.

We used 2 tin cans, newspaper ads, bottle caps, bolts, fishing line and wire. I even made homemade decoupage! (very easy and inexpensive)
The kids also received a bunch of fun goodies compliments of Ms. Traci Conaway with The City of Chandler Solid Waste Dept. Thank you so much Traci!!

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