Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another hump day!

Hello there!
My girls are back to school! I miss having them home with me. However... Katie Bug was sent home from school on her 1st day back! That is a very long story.

I was invited by the City of Phoenix to attend their annual Recycling Convention as a vendor featuring "Go Green" art. I brought my "junque drawer calendars".

I spent both Monday and Tuesday getting to know some of the "Go Green" art vendors around me like,
-Brenda with Kika Paprika which is a offers a great line of "eco-chic clothing. Check them out at:
-Donna who specializes in homemade paper and recycling paper art such as books and things.

-Shelly Brooks with Mystic Pieces (Time Traveling Jewelry) which is made from steam punk watch parts. I just had to buy an awesome silver ring from her!
Check her out at:
And... Ben Bedell with Time Recycled (Computer Art Timepieces). I just had to trade a calendar from one of his clocks which is made from a computer hard drive. Check them out at . These clocks are perfect gift for a computer geek or a lover of truly unique art.

Thanks to all of you who said that they would check out my blog and take my Christmas Advent Calendar class coming soon!
Have a wonderful week in the hot heat!


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Stampin' D'Amour said...


It was so nice to meet you (again) at AU today! It was such a fun day! Your calendar creations are just gorgeous!!!!

I have linked you on my Blog. :)