Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monthly Update...

How have you been?
I have been keeping busy with mommyhood! Katie Bug was out of school for nearly two weeks due to health issues. So I was close by her side at all times. I was a chaperon for Allie's 2nd grade class to Tempe Center of the Arts to see the play The Big Friendly Giant. Her class loved it!

I teach an art class 3-4 times throughout the school year for her class. We recently made a collage decoupage flower pot. I used all of my scrap papers from my calendars. The kids just love the projects and I love to see their creative side hard at play!

Justin and I took the girls out on the boat for a little fishing. Allie was such a big girl with Daddy's fishing pole and Katie bug is so sweet with her Cinderella fishing pole.

I am getting my energy ready for the girls "summer break" from school. Today is the day that Allie and me go to Joann's for fabric to make her talent show costume.



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