Friday, August 27, 2010

Charlies new doo!

Charlie is modeling Allies Build a Bear wig
My husband Justin loves to keep us laughing with his great sense of humor!

Katie bug with our friend and her Speech Therapist Renee

We just love Renee! She has been working with Katie since she was about 18 months old. Katie will be 7 in January!

Allie's new 3rd Grade teacher!

Meet the teacher night

It's so hard to believe that my little baby girl is almost eight. She loves school except for doing her homework. I am the "Homework Police". I am so very proud of her!

Bling Calendar for Sale!

This is one of my perpetual matchbox calendars for sale. The empty matchboxes come in handy to store small items. I used a lot of bling items and pink colors. The months are stored on the backside
$120.00 + shipping

Monday, August 23, 2010

Private Class with Deb!

Deb and I had a fun Saturday at her home making a custom calendar for her studio!
She chose brown and pink colors with lots of bling.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art Unraveled..the best shopping ever!

I hope that some of you were able to make it to Art Unraveled. I did get to see several of my friends that stopped by my table to say hello. Joanne Hassing, Mike and Leslie Putman, Kim & Rick Johnson, Judy Bidwell and Donna Eyring just to name a few.

My husband Justin was a big help to me. He is my eye candy! I couldn't of done it without him.
Plus I was able to sneak away and shop alittle.
I found an awesome place to find items for my calendars. Check out Pamela Medaglia business at: .

I will be posting my next class photo of the Christmas Advent Calendar which I will be teaching at in mid November.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another hump day!

Hello there!
My girls are back to school! I miss having them home with me. However... Katie Bug was sent home from school on her 1st day back! That is a very long story.

I was invited by the City of Phoenix to attend their annual Recycling Convention as a vendor featuring "Go Green" art. I brought my "junque drawer calendars".

I spent both Monday and Tuesday getting to know some of the "Go Green" art vendors around me like,
-Brenda with Kika Paprika which is a offers a great line of "eco-chic clothing. Check them out at:
-Donna who specializes in homemade paper and recycling paper art such as books and things.

-Shelly Brooks with Mystic Pieces (Time Traveling Jewelry) which is made from steam punk watch parts. I just had to buy an awesome silver ring from her!
Check her out at:
And... Ben Bedell with Time Recycled (Computer Art Timepieces). I just had to trade a calendar from one of his clocks which is made from a computer hard drive. Check them out at . These clocks are perfect gift for a computer geek or a lover of truly unique art.

Thanks to all of you who said that they would check out my blog and take my Christmas Advent Calendar class coming soon!
Have a wonderful week in the hot heat!