Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How are you?

Hello again~ Isn't this pretty good? Two new posts in the last two weeks! I am getting better.
I had a wonderful weekend.
Friday evening we went to Allie's "Family Dance". The girls had so much fun. Allie danced with all of her 2nd grade friends while Katie Bug ran around looking for someone to dance with her.
Saturday was my play time. I met my friend Joanne at Paper Vineyard where I soldered. I have been making some solder pieces for my calendars.
Sunday I was a art vendor at the Willow District Home Tour. I got to chat with a lot of really neat people. My booth was across from Cathy Manthey, Classy Critrque. She is very talented and loves vintage art like I do. I also met the owner Leslie Christensen from Frilly Frocks an awesome boutique on 7th Avenue in Phoenix.
Thanks to all of you who stopped by to see my calendars. I really appreciate your feedback!

Have a fun week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Check it out!

Hello there!
I am finally back to check in on my blog. I have been busy making a lot of calendars for the upcoming event on Sunday, February 14th (Love Day). The event is called Willow Home Tour in Historic Downtown Phoenix.
www.willowhomedistrict.com .
My week has been relaxing so far and it's only Tuesday. It feels so weird having both of my daughters off to school by 8:04 everyday. I have been scheduling my days out with certain chores and of course play dates. I haven't been shopping at my favorite thrift stores lately. I have found a new addiction called "EBay". It is so fun to do and I can shop with my PJ's on. I love it!!
I took my girls on Saturday to the "Fishing for Friends" event which is help annually for people with special needs. Katie was such a good girl. Usually she runs off and I can't run as fast as she can! This time she would get so excited every time that a dog or stroller trotted my us!
Allie was such a big help to me as it is very stressful taking Katie out with my husband not there.
Anyway, I will check in and let you know how the Willow event went!