Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day celebration!

The "group" picture

Mom's BIG helper, Allie

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
I was so excited to visit Allie's 3rd grade class to make a fun wind chime from all recyclable items. It is so hard to believe that five short years ago I was in my kitchen throwing a way something in the waste basket when my than 3 year old daughter Allie says; "Mommy why aren't you "ricycling" that?" She must of learned that from the PBS channel during a commercial break from watching that cute little Elmo!

So needless to say I am a much more aware of being a good recycler.

We used 2 tin cans, newspaper ads, bottle caps, bolts, fishing line and wire. I even made homemade decoupage! (very easy and inexpensive)
The kids also received a bunch of fun goodies compliments of Ms. Traci Conaway with The City of Chandler Solid Waste Dept. Thank you so much Traci!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good morning Sunshine!

Charlie is such a trooper!

This photo of Katie modeling her green hair and Grandpa's motorcycle jacket!

What a peaceful morning sitting here at my kitchen table drinking a hot cup of coffee and listening to my fountain outside the window. Every so often a Humming Bird will come by for a drink (not of my coffee but the water). How silly I am!

Today I am working on a Earth Day art project for Allie's third grade class. It will be a wind chime made out of recycling objects such as tin cans, newspaper ads, bottle caps, old nuts, bolts and fishing line. I will be teaching the project on Wednesday so I will post photos of her classmates busy creating!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Phoenix Film Festival Kids Day!

Alittle added bonus...trying out the SEG Way!

Today was a fun day for Allie and her best friend Bailey! We went to check out the Phoenix Film Festival Kids Day. The girls went through ten work stations which taught about the process of making a film from writing, sequencing, on-camera acting, pre-fab editing, cinematography, marketing and soundtrack for a film. This is an absolutely free yearly event! Next year we will arrive earlier so we can spend more time at each station.